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Makati Avenue, Suite 217-C, The Atrium of Makati, Makati,Metro Manila


Our Firm was born not out of passion for the law but of our passion to serve. 

The Aguila Rances Law Offices was created primarily as a Public Interest Law Firm, standing by the principle that "those who have less in life should have more in law". In representing the marginalized, the Firm had established a reputation for integrity and fairness, such that it would rather choose to lose with honor than to win with infamy.  This distinct practice of a small law firm gained the trust and respect of many in the business sector, some of whom were the opposing parties of the Firm in its Public Interest Cases.  In time, more and more clients from the business sector entrusted their business concerns to the Firm, secured in the knowledge that the Firm is not run by unscrupulous lawyers out to make a quick buck, but rather by upstanding individuals whom they can trust and who truly care for the growth and development not only of their enterprises but of their own selves and even their families.  This led the Firm to other areas of its current practice, where it equally excelled and gained recognition for giving innovative, pragmatic and sustainable legal solutions to different areas of the legal practice.

Today, while the bulk of the Firms' clientele are domestic and foreign business enterprises, and its strongest areas of practice had shifted to corporate law and transactional/commercial law, the Firm continues to do Public Interest work through impact litigation, legislative lobby support and legal assistance to social enterprises.

In all areas of the Firm's legal practice, the Firm is guided by the belief that the ultimate goal in providing effective and quality legal service to individuals, the private sector and the public sector, is to build a just, humane, productive and progressive nation.


Established in 2015


Corporate and Business Law
Estate planning, Wills and Succession
Family Law
General Corporate Services
Intellectual Property
Local Government, Election and Administrative Law
Real Estate


We are a Full-Service Boutique Law Firm with a select clientele in order to ensure hands-on, personalized and full provision of legal services. 

Our approach to law is multi-disciplinary.  Thus, our strategies and solutions are never tied down to old legal adages but are always dynamic, practical, holistic and forward-looking.

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