The Law Firm of Domogan, Chan, and Mabalot


Unit 5 and 6 Ground Floor, MegaTower Residences I, Sandico corner Tecson Street, Salud Mitra Barangay, Baguio City,Benguet


Atty. Adelaide Buclay Mabalot-Dulay finished her Bachelor of Science in Financial and Management Accountancy degree in the University of the Cordilleras in 2010. In 2015, she then graduated the Bachelor of Laws degree in Saint Louis University. While taking up law, she took up the Professional Civil Service Examination and passed the same in 2012. She passed the 2016 bar examinations. Now, she intends to improve and to learn more in the legal battlefield and in various courses being offered by universities.

She aspired to be a lawyer because of the environment that she was in since she was young. Ideally, she would listen to conversations made between her family about the legal profession and got insights on how to deal with clients and serving the people. Every summer, she would then help in the law office established by her father just so she could hone herself to do legal documents and pleadings. When her brother, Atty. Roberto Buclay Mabalot, Jr. passed the bar examinations and established the law firm a few years after, she would then spend her summers in the law firm.

Aside from being with the law firm, she is also currently one of the partners in Mabalot Law Office where she practices general law.




Alternative Dispute Resolution and Arbitration
Civil litigation
Corporate litigation
Criminal litigation
Estate planning, Wills and Succession
Family Law
Labor and Employment
Transportation and Maritime Law


Our Law Office, which has been established since the late 80s by my father, practices and handles general law. We accept vast or different types of cases as we can handle. Most of the cases we handle involve criminal, civil, and transportation law cases, but we never entirely deny any client who come to us for help.

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