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Featured Lawyer: Atty. Jose Luciano O. Tamayo

Atty. Tamayo is the assistant Chief Legal for his family owned business and a notarial and private practice on the side.

Notifiying an Employee terminated due to Redundancy

An Employee Termination Letter informs the employee that his employment is being terminated and the reason for the same.

Del Rosario Benedicto Law

Our legal practice is not only to win a case but to serve fairness, justice and compassion to clients who rely and trust us as their lawyers.

Featured Law Firm: Pacheco Law Firm

Pacheco Law Firm's practice mainly includes Labor Law, Corporate Law, Immigration Law.

How to safely lease out your property using a Contract of Lease

A Contract of Lease is an agreement where an owner (i.e. the lessor) allows another person (i.e. the lessee) to rent his / her property for a period of time and for a fee.

How to use an Affidavit of Discrepancy

This affidavit states that documents containing different versions of your name refer to you.

How to use an Affidavit of Domestic Partnership

An Affidavit of Domestic Partnership is a statement under oath by a man and woman saying they have lived together as husband and wife for a certain period, without any legal impediment to marry each other.

How to use a Cancellation of Real Estate Mortgage document

A Cancellation of Real Estate Mortgage is a creditor’s statement cancelling the real estate mortgage executed in his favor by the debtor over the property.

How to use a Joint Affidavit of Two Disinterested Persons to correct your name

This affidavit contains the statements of two disinterested persons clarifying discrepancies in a person's name.