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Client Stories: Intelligent Solutions Philippines Incorporated (ISPI)

We sat down with Leggo David, President and CEO of ISPI, to learn about ISPI's business and how ISPI continues to serve its clients during this pandemic.

We want to do our part to help our clients during these difficult times by promoting and supporting their businesses.

Leggo David is the President and CEO of Intelligent Solutions Philippines Incorporated ("ISPI"), a family-owned company focused on bringing telephony and wireless IT products to businesses. We sat down with him to learn more about ISPI's business and what ISPI is doing in response to the challenges brought by COVID-19, all while continuing to serve their clients.

Legal Tree ("LT"): What is your business? What do you do?

Leggo: ISPI is an IT and communications solutions provider. We provide customized PABX solutions which includes all internet connectivity peripherals as well as security-related products and services. We also provide structured cabling as a service. Basically, we're a one stop shop for a business' connectivity needs - be it within their team or with their customers. Our clientele ranges between SMBs and enterprise corporations across different industries like LGUs, manufacturing, education, healthcare, hospitality, and construction. 

LT: What sets you apart from other businesses in your industry? What makes you unique?

Leggo: This may sound cliche but our team makes us unique. We neither have a flagship product nor do we have any exclusive distributorship in any of the products that we carry. Despite this, we have our loyal clients that we have worked with for many years. Our team is composed of diligent, committed, and responsive sales personnel who understands the need to meet the client's exacting requirements. Our knowledgeable technicians are insightful problem solvers who are driven to deliver the work to completion. Being a family-owned company, we treat our personnel as part of the family and we are invested in their growth. We have employees who have been with us for more than a decade now. I think this is what sets us apart - that mindset that everyone grows together as a team. 

LT: With COVID-19, what challenges are your business facing and how are you adapting?

Leggo: Like any other businesses, we've encountered a lot of difficulties and challenges in this crisis but we are nonetheless grateful to have been given the opportunity to operate. One of our biggest challenges is the lack of transportation which made it difficult for our staff to go to work (either to the office or to our client's location). We've made several adjustments to our daily operations. We've prioritized the health and safety of our personnel by providing them with the PPEs that they need as mandated by the LGU and national government. We also ensured that we communicated the safety protocols throughout the organisation to ensure that everyone understands it. 

We've pooled our existing resources and creatively found ways on how to work with what we already have. We've instituted telecommuting especially to our sales personnel and provided shuttle services especially to our personnel who can't do their jobs remotely. More importantly, we leaned on the talents of the team to streamline our activities. I also think one of the reasons that we're able to operate as long as we have is because everyone in the team understands that we're all in this together.

One of the major shifts in what we're doing is pivoting to help our clients with how to migrate their existing office-based telephony system into something that would allow their team to work with a WFH setup. For example, a customer would be able to call the company's landline and route the call to, say a customer support representative working remotely. We also provide CCTV solutions such as when clients need to monitor their warehouses and stores remotely. This is especially useful for businesses especially when there's a mandate from the government of reduced onsite work capacity. 

LT: How has Legal Tree helped you with your business?

Legal Tree is heaven sent especially during the first few weeks when businesses were allowed to operate again during the GCQ. There are a lot of uncertainties back then especially on how to deal with employee COVID testing and how to understand the protocols. I am grateful that services like Legal Tree allowed small and medium companies access to legal teams which would have been otherwise inaccessible to us. Legal Tree also took out the intimidating task of finding the right kind of firm to help us. 

Legal Tree made us realize that getting legal counsel need not be expensive or exclusive to big corporations. And the legal advice that I got from Legal Tree's partner firms is always relevant and appropriate to the context of what the company is going through. I always come out of the consultation more confident, especially on the decisions the management has to make and this peace of mind is invaluable especially during this crisis.

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