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Client Stories: Romelle Manuel, Certified Public Accountant

Our "Client Stories" series features a Legal Tree client and lets you get to know their business better. We sat down with Rom to learn more about her business and how she has adapted to COVID-19

We want to do our part to help our clients during these difficult times by promoting and supporting their businesses.

We sat down with Rommel Manuel (Rom for short) to learn more about her business and how she has adapted to COVID-19. Rom is a certified public accountant providing accounting and business support services.

Legal Tree ("LT"): What is your business? What do you do?

Rom: I render accounting and business support services. I also do business startup assistance, accounting, bookkeeping, tax compliance, business support services, consulting, and workshops.

LT: What sets you apart from other businesses in your industry? What makes you unique?

Rom: My tagline is "Your Partner in Building a Thriving Business".

I have always believed that accountants, business owners and management should be partners in bringing business growth. Accountants should not be seen as just another cost or a threat to the business. But rather, an effective and competent communicator of valuable financial information that will guide business owners and management in decision-making.

In dealing with my clients, I am always guided by these beliefs. Most of clients are young entrepreneurs. To help them understand about accounting and taxation, I provide coaching and unlimited consultations.

LT: With COVID-19, what challenges are your business facing and how are you adapting?

Rom: Because majority of the business registration process is done manually and office visitation to the client is necessary to deliver my services, there is a high risk of exposure to COVID-19. What I currently do is to manage the deployment schedules of my staff and engage temporary staff who live near government offices. We've also moved some of our accounting processes online.

LT: How has Legal Tree helped you with your business?

Rom: Legal Tree has helped me in my business in so many ways. It is always my "go-to" place whenever I need to create and review legal documents for my clients and consult legal experts. Therefore, helping me to provide quality services and giving me a higher margin due to its affordable subscription cost.

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