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We sat down with Therese Gallenero to learn about Stratisan, a boutique digital creative studio and online reputation firm she recently co-founded.

We want to do our part to help our clients during these difficult times by promoting and supporting their businesses.

Therese Gallenero is the co-founder and lead consultant of "The Stratisan Consulting" ("Stratisan"), a boutique digital creative studio and online reputation firm based in the Philippines. We sat down with her to learn about Stratisan and what Stratisan is doing in response to the challenges brought by COVID-19, all while continuing to serve its clients.

Legal Tree ("LT"): What is your business? What do you do?

Therese: The Stratisan Consulting is a boutique digital creative studio and online reputation firm based in the Philippines. We are a team of multi-disciplinary consultants providing remote support to clients in the Philippines and abroad. Majority of our clients are micro and B2B influencers and those in the professional services, legal and business intelligence sectors.

LT: How does your business bring value to your customers?

Therese: 4 Cs: Cost. Convenience. Culture. Collaboration. Stratisan is 100% digital and remote. This and our teamwork-centered culture allow us to offer cost-efficient solutions and be more agile in both project planning and execution regardless of our client’s location. 

LT: What sets you apart from other businesses in your industry? What makes you unique?

Therese: We consider ourselves distinct for two reasons: first, our core focus is in supporting clients from niche industries. Second, we have solid international experience in business development and business intelligence research. This means that the strategies and core messages that we develop for our online reputation, editorial and creative services are data and ROI-driven.

LT: With COVID-19, what challenges are your business facing and how are you adapting?

Therese: Stratisan was established last year. We found it quite challenging to coordinate and set up the business at the height of the pandemic. As most of the agencies were closed, it took us several months to have the required documents processed and approved. To expedite some aspects, we started looking for alternative or remote solutions which did not require in-person transactions. 

LT: How has Legal Tree helped you with your business?

Therese: We were looking to hire someone’s services to prepare and review some legal documents for Stratisan. I was so glad to have found Legal Tree! Using its online platform, it took me only a few minutes to generate legal document templates and set up an appointment with a law firm for a consultation. For such convenience, I only paid a fraction of the cost that I had been asked to pay by another service provider. 

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