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COVID-19 now a work-related disease compensated by the Government

Employees who contract COVID-19 due to work are entitled to aid from the Government

On April 6, 2021, the Employees' Compensation Commission issued Board Resolution No. 21-04-14 re: Conditions for the Compensability of COVID-19 under the ECC List of Occupational and Work-Related Disease or Annex A of the Amended Rules on Employees' Compensation (EC).

The Board Resolution included COVID-19 in the list of occupational and work-related diseases. Under the Board Resolution, employees who are infected with COVID-19 can receive compensation from the Government through the Employees’ Compensation Commission in any of the following circumstances:

  1. There must be a direct connection between the offending agent or event and the worker based on epidemiologic criteria and occupational risk (e.g., healthcare workers, screening and contact tracing teams, etc.); or
  2. The tasks assigned to the worker would require frequent face-to-face and close proximity interactions with the public or with confirmed cases for healthcare workers; or
  3. Transmission occurred in the workplace; or
  4. Transmission occurred while commuting to and from work.

The documentary requirements to apply for employee compensation (EC) benefits include (a) certificate of employment; and (b) diagnosis from medical authorities with RT-PCR test results (for healthcare workers and other essential workers), and for non-healthcare workers, proof of exposure and medical records, as necessary.

An employee who contracted COVID-19, regardless of severity, will receive PHP 30,000 from the State Insurance Fund managed and administered by the SSS.

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