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Legal Tree is a tech startup and social enterprise founded by Atty. Jason Arteche with the goal of making legal services simple and affordable.

Hi, I’m Atty. Jason Arteche, owner and founder of Legal Tree.

Why did I establish Legal Tree?

He who has less in life should have more in law — is this true today?

My years of legal practice have exposed me to the high cost of legal services. Many people don’t have access to legal services because it's too expensive and difficult to avail of. Consulting a lawyer cost thousands of pesos. Looking for the right lawyer who can help you is also difficult. As a result most people forego legal services and are taken advantage of.

According to the 2019 edition of the World Justice Project’s “Global Insights on Access to Justice”, 80% of Filipinos who needed legal help did not receive it. Worse, of the 20% who did receive legal help, 72% of them sought legal help from friends and families while only 15% sought help from lawyers and the rest from various institutions.

I founded Legal Tree with the goal of empowering Filipinos to protect their rights by making legal services easily accessible to them. My vision is a Philippines where anyone who needs legal services can easily get it.

How do we intend to fulfill our goal?

With Legal Tree you can create documents (from affidavits to contracts) online using our innovative Q&A tool. Just answer a few questions and our website will automatically create your document based on your answers. We have a growing library of 110+ documents to date.

If you need legal advice you can consult a lawyer specializing in your concern within 3 business days from request. We partnered with 300+ lawyers to ensure you can consult a lawyer anytime and anywhere.

As a social enterprise we keep our prices affordable and everything we earn is reinvested back to our goal of making legal services accessible. 

How many have we helped so far?

Since we launched in January 2020 we’ve (a) helped 13,000+ individuals and businesses; (b) provided 5,000+ documents; and (c) partnered with 320+ lawyers to help deliver simple and affordable legal services

We’re also a member-startup of QBO Philippines Innovation Hub, a public-private partnership supporting the Philippine startup ecosystem. We’ve also been featured as an SME inspiration by UnionBank GlobalLinker and business to watch by Asia Law Portal.

We look forward to helping more Filipinos and fulfill our goal of making legal services simple and affordable.