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Why are legal fees expensive and unpredictable?

Let's take a look at legal fees for consultations and preparing personal & business documents, and how Legal Tree can help you with these.

Finding a lawyer is one thing but knowing if you can afford his/her services is another.  There’s the question of how much his/her legal fees are. Unfortunately, the legal profession does not use standardized rates and it also doesn’t help that lawyers / law firms do not publish their rates.  These circumstances make it difficult for clients to determine if they're getting a fair price. What further complicates things is that there are many factors to take into account in computing legal fees (i.e. the nature and complexity of the case, the lawyer’s experience and reputation) which can inflate the price. 

This all contributes to people’s anxiety and apprehension about talking to a lawyer because they don’t know how expensive the bill will be.  While some lawyers handle cases pro bono (i.e. for free), they usually only offer their services to indigent people or those who are truly poor.

We'll take a look at fees for consultations and preparing personal & business documents, and how Legal Tree can help you with these.

I. Legal consultations

This refers to your ordinary consultation with a lawyer regarding your legal concern.  This normally involves you explaining to the lawyer your legal concern and the lawyer giving you preliminary advise as well as recommended next steps.  The consultation is normally a preparatory step to a more formal engagement between the lawyer and client. 

The minimum for an hourly consultation is around Php 1,000.00 outside of Metro Manila and Php 2,500.00 in Metro Manila.  The rate only goes higher depending on the lawyer.  There isn’t a standard rate for an hourly consultation so it’s best to ask for the consultation fee before booking an appointment.

II. Preparing personal & business documents

Preparing personal & business documents covers the preparation of any document you may possibly need for your personal and business transactions.  This is naturally more expensive than a plain legal consultation because it involves the lawyer preparing a written document.  The rate for preparing personal & business documents varies depending on the complexity of the document.  In certain cases, such as a deed of sale, the price of the document is tied to the value of the object being sold (i.e. 3% of the fair market value) which can make it unreasonably expensive.

However, even simple documents such as affidavits cost a minimum of Php 1,000.00 outside of Metro Manila and around Php 2,000.00 in Metro Manila.  For example, a deed of sale costs 2% of the purchase price but not less than Php 1,500.00, with the price only going higher the more expensive the property being sold is.

III. How can Legal Tree help you?

With Legal Tree, we make legal consultations and preparing personal & business documents simpler and more affordable.

If you have any legal concern you can avail of our Ask-an-Attorney service for only Php 249.00 where we connect you with our Partner Lawyers for any new legal concern you have, with the follow benefits:  

  1. A free 30-minute consultation with each Partner Lawyer.
  2. We only refer Partner Lawyers who are competent in the subject-matter of your legal concern and are conveniently located near you. 
  3. We give the Partner Lawyer a preliminary briefing of your legal concern to make sure your 30-minute consultation is productive.

On the other hand, if you need a personal or business document for your personal or business transaction, we can create your document anytime online within minutes.  Our documents cost as low as Php 249.00 with our most expensive document costing only Php 1,499.00.  For example, we charge a fixed price of only Php 499.00 for a deed of sale and do not base it on the purchase price unlike lawyers.

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