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Featured Law Firm: BTVA Law Office

We have a demonstrable proficiency in handling issues ranging from annulment and land disputes to labor negotiations and criminal defense.

Featured Law Firm: Taqued Taqued and Associates Law Offices

A law firm engaged in general law practice in the Philippines.

Featured Law Firm: Atty. Ramil Saulon Imperial / Ang Diaz & Imperial Law Offices

Ang Diaz and Imperial Law Offices (the “Firm”) is a young partnership of dynamic, competent, passion-driven and highly-motivated professionals with a steady commitment for excellence.

How to use a Contract of Loan

A Contract of Loan is a document where a person lends money (the “lender”) to another person (the “borrower”) subject to the borrower’s obligation to repay, sometimes with interest.

Featured Law Firm: Lumaniog & Associates Law Firm

LUMANIOG & ASSOCIATES LAW FIRM is a general professional partnership (GPP) engaged in the general practice of law in the Republic of the Philippines.

Featured Lawyer: Atty. Benedict V. de Guzman

Benedict V. De Guzman Law Office or BVGLAW is a dynamic law firm catering to its diverse & ever-growing clientele.

Featured Law Firm: Honoridez Vergara Cane Cabahug Law Offices

We are a full-service law firm in Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines committed to provide effective and efficient legal services to its clients.

How to use a General Power of Attorney

A General Power of Attorney allows a person to act and decide on another person’s behalf. This person is granted broad powers to handle the property, financial, legal and other matters of another.

Featured Lawyer: Atty. Jo Marie Lazaro-Lim

She is primarily focused on documentation and contracts for any transaction, specifically all matters related to real estate; corporate housekeeping and compliance; labor relations and intellectual property.