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Send a demand letter to collect payment

A demand letter is a formal demand to your debtor to pay all amounts owed.

Featured Lawyer: Atty. Maria Cristina C. Damasco

I am currently active in trial and litigation of criminal and civil cases involving property disputes, debt settlement and nullity of marriage.

Featured Lawyer: Domingo Altez Domingo and Partners

Our legal team has the capacity to deliver high level of lawyer advocacy and advice in all fields

Using a Service Contract to hire a contractor

A Service Contract is a written agreement for the service contractor to render service to the client as an independent contractor. This is used by a service contractor getting ready to provide a service for a client or a client preparing to hire a service contractor.

Featured Lawyer: The Law Offices of Balino-Lirag & Simpliciano

The Law Offices of Balino-Lirag & Simpliciano is a Quezon City-based professional law partnership engaged in providing effective and proactive legal solutions

Featured Lawyer: Atty. Romulo Yap Jr. / Romulo Yap Law Office

We provide legal services to clients, including the active prosecution and defense of various cases

Featured Lawyer: Atty. Emmanuel E. Sandicho

Law Offices of Alty. Emmanuel E. Sandicho Dec. 2008 to present

LORIEM Legal Consulting

Our legal experiences are related to the above legal services which our firm provide. Although primarily, our core practice areas are on corporate, commercial, business, and taxation works, we likewise do litigation and other basic legal services for individuals and business entities.

Affidavit of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage

An Affidavit of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage is a written statement under oath by a person asserting that he/she has legal capacity to contract marriage in the Philippines.