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Featured Lawyer: SB and Partners Law Offices

The Law Office aims to provide affordable, adequate, and excellent legal assistance and representation to all kinds of clients, from all walks of life regardless of financial capability.

Featured Lawyer: Atty. Felix Darren Abante

I am focused on the main as well as on the ancillary facts and issues.

Featured Lawyer: Adan Botor and Associates Law Office

Adan Botor and Associates Law Office is currently the biggest law firm in the City of Naga, Camarines Sur.

Featured Lawyer: Juatco Law Offices

We are a law firm dedicated to fulfill and to consistently deliver the highest quality and effective

Featured Lawyer: Atty. Kris Norwin B. Saunar / Saunar Law Office

Our Law Office has been working together and has a proven track record of success. We use that experience to help you down a path to the results you need.

Featured Lawyer: RVCabatcan Law Office

RVCLOPC was founded on the precept of service for all.

Featured Lawyer: Barte Law Firm

Barte Law Firm provides one-stop shop legal services in real estate dealings, corporate taxes and labor cases.

How to use an "Affidavit of Change of Address"

Recently changed residences and need to say this under oath? Use an "Affidavit of Change of Address".

How to use an "Addendum to Contract"

An Addendum to Contract amends the terms of an existing contract by changing, deleting or inserting new sections in the contract.