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Featured Lawyer: Pamintuan and Pamintuan Law Offices

Pamintuan and Pamintuan Law Offices is full-service professional law partnership founded on August 2013

Affidavit of Dependent not being a Recipient of a Scholarship Grant

Say under oath that your dependent is not a recipient of any scholarship grant from either the government or non-governmental organizations.

Featured Lawyer: Buban & Lardizabal Law Offices

The BUBAN & LARDIZABAL LAW OFFICES is a private law firm engaged in the general practice of law, with a new office address at Unit 303 Doña Mercedes Building, 584 San Andres St., Malate, Manila.

How to use an SPA to allow your representative to deal with the BIR

Use an SPA to authorize a representative to deal with the BIR on your behalf

Featured Lawyer: Arinas Law Office

Ariñas Law Office is led by Mar Ariñas. He is a CPA-Lawyer with 20 years of diversified professional experience in various capacities

How to use an "Affidavit of Loss of Title" to replace your Certificate of Title

Lost your Certificate of Title and need to replace it? Use an "Affidavit of Loss of Title" to attest to the fact of loss and request for a replacement.

Featured lawyer: Chiong & Lua-Chiong Law Office

Chiong & Lua-Chiong Law Office is a full-service law office located in Balanga City, Bataan.

How to use a SPA to sell property through a representative

Use a SPA to appoint a representative to sell property on your behalf

Featured lawyer: Kua Sy & Yeung Law Offices

At SKY Law, we constantly strive to provide clients with the most creative, practical, and cost-effective solutions for their businesses.