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  • General Power of Attorney

    Authorize another person to act on your behalf concerning your legal, financial and other matters


    A General Power of Attorney allows a person (the “agent”) to act and decide on another person’s behalf (the “principal”). The agent is granted broad powers to handle the property, financial, legal and other matters of the principal. With Legal Tree you can create a General Power of Attorney covering a broad range of powers and customize them depending on your situation.

  • General Quitclaim and Waiver

    Formally waive your claim or demand against a person and declare him free from liability to you


    A Quitclaim is a formal document where a person waives his/her claim or demand against another person arising from a dispute, contract or any other obligation.  It is executed when both parties to a potential dispute agree on a settlement to avoid future litigation, which is both costly and lengthy.  It may also be used to end an ongoing dispute and quickly & finally resolve it.

  • Independent Contractor Agreement

    Hire an independent contractor for your business.


    An independent contractor agreement is a written agreement for the contractor to render service to the principal as an independent contractor (and not as an employee).  The agreement describes, among others, the (a) service to be rendered by the contractor; (b) the compensation due the contractor; and (c) the nature of the relationship as an independent contractor (and not as an employee).

  • Internship Agreement

    Hire an intern for your business


    The Internship Agreement (“Agreement”) is the formal agreement between the company and intern stating the terms of the latter’s internship. The Agreement contains stipulations regarding the intern’s (a) job responsibilities; and (b) benefits & allowances (if any).

    The Agreement may also contain stipulations intended to protect the company during and after the internship relationship such as (a) confidentiality of the company’s proprietary information and trade secrets; and (b) the company’s ownership of intellectual property rights over the intern’s work. An Internship Agreement is used if your company is hiring an intern and you want to clearly outline the terms of internship.

    With Legal Tree you can easily create an Internship Agreement with all the essential terms of the internship relationship. You may also add stipulations to further protect the company (i.e. ownership of intellectual property rights) as discussed above.

  • Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement

    Freely share with and receive confidential & sensitive information from another person by imposing a mutual obigation not to disclose the information to 3rd persons


    A Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (“NDA”) facilitates the sharing of confidential business information & trade secrets between persons or organizations.  Under the NDA both parties share confidential information with each other and agree to keep the said information confidential and not to disclose the same.

    An NDA contains basic terms such as (1) what is defined as confidential information; (2) what is excluded from the definition of confidential information; and (3) under what circumstances the confidential information may be disclosed. With Legal Tree you can create an NDA with only the most basic terms or you can make it as detailed and complex as needed for your business.

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