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Quality at affordable rates

Documents are affordable (starts at PhP 350.00) but without compromising on quality. Lawyers carefully review the documents before they are made available on Legal Tree.

Legal protection with Document Defense

Get a 30-minute consultation with a lawyer for concerns regarding your document.

If your concern is complicated and requires more than 30 minutes to resolve, the lawyer may charge you his consultation fees for time in excess of 30 minutes.

Complete and consistent with Peace of Mind review

Our document specialist will review your document for completeness and consistency. Our document specialist will give his comments and suggested changes to improve your document.

Notarial Assistance

Notarize your document with our partner notaries at a discount.

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Simple and fast

Send us your concern by clicking here. A lawyer specializing in your concern will contact you within three (3) business days to schedule your consultation.

The consultation can be over the phone, online (e.g. Zoom) or face-to-face meeting, to be agreed upon by you and the lawyer.

Expert advise

We have 370+ partner lawyers with different specializations who can address any concern. The lawyer will provide you with a 30-minute consultation for your concern.

If your concern is complicated and requires more than 30 minutes to resolve, the lawyer may charge you his consultation fees for time in excess of 30 minutes.

Have experts review your document

A lawyer can review your contract, agreement or any document you choose (up to three (3) pages in length) and flag concerns and potential issues during the consultation.


Consult a lawyer for only PhP 500.

Become a Premium member and enjoy unlimited consultations (up to 30 minutes for each consultation).

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Benefits of Notarization

Notarization converts your document into a public document and carries with it the following benefits.  

First, if you will have to present your document in court you will no longer need to prove that the document is authentic and duly executed before the court accepts it as evidence.

Ordinarily, before a document is admitted as evidence in court its validity and due execution should be proven either through witnesses (i.e. the parties to the document) or documentary evidence.  Notarization does away with this requirement. 

Second, notarization results in a presumption that your document was validly and regularly executed.  The signature appearing on the document is presumed to belong to the person whom it pertains to and that it was voluntarily signed.  

A person disputing the validity of a notarized document has the burden of proving the same by clear and convincing evidence in court.