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These are the services we offer:

Personal and Business Documents

Create and customize any document you need for you and your business from our growing library of 80+ documents

Attorney Consultations

Consult our experienced Partner Lawyers with the right specialization for your legal question at affordable rates

Create personal and business documents in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Select the document you need from our growing library of 80+ personal and business documents

Step 2

Answer a series of questions to create and customize your document

Step 3

Download your document in Word or PDF format

Why create your personal and business documents using Legal Tree?

High quality at affordable rates

We make sure all our document have high standards by having our Partner Lawyers carefully review them before making them available on Legal Tree. Our documents are also more affordable compared to traditional legal providers.

Document Defense

Our Partner Lawyers will advise you if you have a legal question or dispute arising from any document you create on Legal Tree. If necessary, our Partner Lawyers can draft a demand letter on your behalf.

Peace of Mind review

Have our document specialist review your document for completeness and consistency. Our document specialist will give his/her comments and suggested changes to improve your document

Notarial Assistance

Find the notary public nearest you using our online directory of Partner Lawyers. Premium members are entitled to a 20% discount when notarizing with our Partner Lawyers.

Create Document

Consult our Partner Lawyers in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Send us a brief and concise description of your legal question

Step 1

Our Partner Lawyers will contact you within 1 to 2 business days to schedule your consultation

Step 1

Attend the consultation with the Partner Lawyer at the scheduled time and get the legal advise you need

Why consult our Partner Lawyers?

Simple and convenient

Just send us a brief and concise description of your legal question and we'll take care of connecting you with an experienced Partner Lawyer with the right specialization

Consult an expert lawyer

We have a growing network of 100+ Partner Lawyers nationwide to ensure that you can talk to a lawyer with the right specialization anytime and anywhere. Our Partner Lawyers will provide you with a 30-minute consultation and review a short document, if necessary, to address your legal question.

Get legal advise fast

Consult the right lawyer in your area and get the legal advice you need within 1 to 2 business days from submitting your legal question

Affordable rates

Consult up to 4 of our Partner Lawyers for a fixed fee of only Php 500.00. Become a Premium member and consult our Partner Lawyers anytime for every new legal matter you have for 30 days

Ask an Attorney

Benefits of Notarization

Notarization converts your document into a public document and carries with it the following benefits.  

First, if you will have to present your document in court you will no longer need to prove that the document is authentic and duly executed before the court accepts it as evidence.

Ordinarily, before a document is admitted as evidence in court its validity and due execution should be proven either through witnesses (i.e. the parties to the document) or documentary evidence.  Notarization does away with this requirement. 

Second, notarization results in a presumption that your document was validly and regularly executed.  The signature appearing on the document is presumed to belong to the person whom it pertains to and that it was voluntarily signed.  

A person disputing the validity of a notarized document has the burden of proving the same by clear and convincing evidence in court.