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Unit 5284 Diesel, corner Filmore Street Palanan, Makati,Metro Manila


Our firm provides you the LEGAL way when there seems to be NO way. We are just the RIGHT People for your RIGHT Legal Process. 

Our company is founded in January 2013 and was duly registered with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) on 18 June 2013 under registration No. 02088600 as a sole proprietorship in the interim, and soon a partnership or corporation. We are composed of seasoned practitioners in the field of law, human resources, labor and legal management, training & development, accounting & tax administration, and information technology.

Our team is composed of practicing senior lawyers, paralegals, tax consultants, trainors, marriage counselors, wedding ministers and priests to provide full support and guidance concerning conflicts on their properties, business, marriage and family matters. The founder’s strong desire to put everything in order in accordance with the laws of God and man led him to the establishment of this firm.

Our partnership stands proud of our “GTTDM” skills which mean “GALING” (Outstanding), “TALINO” (Wisdom), “TAPANG” (Bravery), “DIPLOMASYA” (Diplomatic) and “MALASAKIT” (Genuine Concern) or simply giving you “outstanding services using our wisdom and bravery through diplomatic means exemplified by genuine concern to your business, property, marriage and family life”.  Our main objective is to assist the growing businesses achieve their full financial stability by having KEEN EYE to details, to irregularities or anomalies, to lacking or inefficient system and procedures, to increasing morale and productivity within your organization, and to protect you from unnecessary claims from undesirable sources i.e. problem employees, creditors, government inefficiency or red tape, among others.


Established in 2013


Alternative Dispute Resolution and Arbitration
Civil litigation
Family Law
General Corporate Services
Labor and Employment
Naturalization and Immigration
Real Estate
Special Projects


Our partnership in the firm expands for over 30 years combined in the business and practice. 

We provide legal & general consultancy services on all matters concerning compliances to the legislative, judiciary and executive branches of the Philippine government.

We are divided into different divisions:

CORPORATE & PROPERTY LAWS DIVISION - deals with your corporate governance and compliances, human resource management, employee discipline, training and organizational development, among others, and of your property or realty transfer, asset management and taxation whether condominium, rawland, house & lot, refund against the developer, among others. Email your inquiries to: bcidp.consultancy07@gmail.com.

MARRIAGE & FAMILY LAWS DIVISION - deals with your marriage and family disputes resolution i.e. marriage rites, pre-nuptial agreements, adoption, annulment / nullity of marriage, Muslim divorce, overseas divorce judicial recognition, among others. Email your inquiries to: bcidplawgenconsultancy@gmail.com.

IMMIGRATION & VISA LAWS DIVISION - deals with your immigration and visa problems inside or outside the Philippines for all citizens i.e. spouse visa, permanent visa, naturalization, dual citizenship, among others. Email your inquiries to bcidp_consultancy@yahoo.com.

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