Bawar Dysangco Law Offices


Unit 24 2nd Floor Matrinco Building, 2178 Don Chino Roces Avenue, Pio del Pilar, Makati,Metro Manila


BAWAR DYSANGCO LAW OFFICES (The BDLaw) is a law firm based in Makati City, Philippines.  We are committed to help  and give clients our best and dependable legal service in court litigation and other legal concerns.


We are committed to deliver the best and dependable legal representation in various fields of law,  with utmost professionalism and a clear understanding of the client’s needs.  In providing legal representation, it is our objective, not only to understand and resolve clients’ current legal problems, but also to anticipate their future legal concerns.


We have a vision to grow with clients thru constant communication and mutual understanding; and with lawyers who similarly believe in our core values and committed to provide the best and  dependable legal representation in various fields of law to clients.


Integrity.  We understand and adhere to our professional responsibilities, and observe the highest ethical standards in our actions. We honor our commitments and we are accountable for our actions.

Collaboration. We work as a team with our colleagues and clients by seeking, sharing and respecting diverse perspectives. We believe that communication of ideas is a key in achieving the result desired in a case and the goal of the firm.

Service. We affirm that our vocation is to serve clients in need of best and dependable legal representation.


Established in 2018


Criminal litigation
Civil litigation
Corporate litigation
Alternative Dispute Resolution and Arbitration
Labor and Employment
Special Projects
Intellectual Property
Estate planning, Wills and Succession


Comprehensive exposure to litigation and appellate practice.

The BD Law is composed of lawyers with extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of civil, criminal and corporate laws. It has lawyers with decades of experience in representing litigants in variety of cases before the courts and quasi-judicial bodies. The BD Law believes that adversarial legal action is not always the solution in every legal dispute, thus, it also assists clients in alternative dispute resolution to obviate expensive and protracted court litigation.

The BD Law assists clients in contract negotiations to ensure that their rights are well protected and can be enforced. It also gives legal opinions to queries of clients to equip them with basic legal knowledge to guide them in their dealings.

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